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Sinbo DZ-280/A-Vacuum Sealer
Parts & Repair kits for foot sealers-kits for foot operated impulse sealers
Step 1. Remove Cover Adhesive
Open the upper jaw of the vacuum sealer
and gently peel the Cover adhesive (Sealing
Strip) from the heating elements.

Step 2. Remove the lower Base
Turn the sealer over and remove the seven
screws holding the lower base and upper
unit together.( Two screws are found where
the power cord is stored )
Step 3. Remove heating Elements
Removing the heating element may be a bit
tricky and requires some patience. The
element consists of an additional wire

that is welded on the mounting support. Cut
the wire as close to the mounting support as
you can. Using your fingers or small
pliers,push the spring down and release the
element from the spring hook. When you
release one end of the element from the
spring hook the other end will release easily.
Repeat with the second element if necessary.
Step 1. Replacing the heating element
Attach the new element to the spring hook
and run the element along the jaw of the
vacuum sealer.

Attach other end of the element to the spring
hook on the other side.

The wire that juts from the element is then
wrapped around the post.
Step 2. Replacing the Cover Adhesive
Remove the backing of the adhesive. Apply
the adhesive Teflon over the elements.

A good rule of thumb is to replace the
Cover adhesive every time you change the
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